Happy with my hybrid car, but would like to get a PHEV

Happy with my hybrid car, but would like to get a PHEV

I've had a KIA nero petrol hybrid now for about 4 years. Before that I had a Toyota Verso diesel that I really liked. But, the hybrid does really low mpg around town, and on roads up to about 50 mph. My diesel always gave best mpg on long runs, the hybrid is best on short to medium runs which is most of the driving I do. Being a hybrid I don't have to worry about range, in fact the range is better than my diesel was. This is important as I have to do long journeys to customer sites occasionally. I'd like to get a PHEV next when I can, as now that I understand how they work I think they would be even more economical.


The lovers walk footpath, that is a share bike and footpath, needs work to make it a decent cycle route. At the moment the tarmac is awful and rips up my wheels. They've put loads of money into repairing the paths in the common but not the ones leading to it.

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