Share your stories

Share your stories

Share your stories or personal experiences about how you and other people get around Southampton (or don’t), or how travel affects the environment, and what has changed. Both positive and negative experiences are welcome. Click on the Help link in the top-right corner for instructions.


Traveler’s Cocktail

Virtually no buses in Upper Shirley

Show more love for cyclists!

Love my car but not the exorbitant parking fees

it shouldn't be seen as unusual to not have a car

A walk from home to the station

Car centric city

Buses and Bicycles

Trying to reduce my car use

Lack of bus routes

Mammoth's May Return by 2028

Happy with my hybrid car, but would like to get a PHEV

Waiting in the rain - or just waiting

1/3 Of The Way There

Think about Each Journey

Getting around not always easy (non car owner)

Life with(out) a car

Non-car transportation

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