Love my car but not the exorbitant parking fees

Love my car but not the exorbitant parking fees

I'm not one to visit much mainly because I get so confused trying to find my way around and sheer danger involved navigating the road closures and works being carried out. I can count on one hand the number of times I've shopped in Southampton being within a supposed 6-minute radius it should be my go-to. Individuals dressed completely in black in the dark of (4:30pm) stepping out into the roads whilst lights are green without a care for their own safety or that of others - had to swerve and nearly hit another car alongside - thankfully that driver was also alert and could take evasive action. Cyclists without lights whipping through the traffic are a danger too. Add to the mix a hefty parking charge - I think it best I shop elsewhere. I much prefer going to Whiteley where one can park for 4 hours without charge (£2 if you go over that), it takes less time to get there although is further away - the only downside they haven’t the JLP that I had gone to West Quay for.


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