Waiting in the rain - or just waiting

Waiting in the rain - or just waiting

The people most exposed to poor weather are pedestrians and cyclists and scooterists. At traffic lights we are kept waiting long periods of time whilst those in cars get priority and stay dry. It's time to recognise that those of us not in cars are doing everyone else a favour by being zero emission travellers. We should be rewarded by being given priority when we press the button to cross at the lights, whether or not it's raining. We should also be given a green light right across big junctions like the one at Thomas Lewis Way, instead of being made to wait at each section, breathing in the fumes. I walk a lot in our lovely city and this is my wish :)


Too many times I've been waiting for over an hour for busses that just seem to follow the ones before it. And the bus I'm talking about advertises itself as there being one every 20 minutes. Instead of focusing on spreading themselves around the route so there's regular busses they try to "get on time" which isn't achievable so the just end up playing follow the leader. I'd much rather busses be spaced about the route so there was one coming soon so I didn't have to wait in the cold, dark & wet.

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