Getting around not always easy (non car owner)

Getting around not always easy (non car owner)

I mainly travel by bicycle, finding this the most convenient method - allowing me to get right to my destination without worrying about parking spaces, although I do worry about bike theft. The city's cycle network has improved in recent years but there are still lots of places withut cycle facilities where I risk cycling on busy roads (eg Burgess Rd/Winchester Rd on route from Swaythling to General Hospital), because the 'quiet' alternatives mean a ridiculous detour. I've tried to use buses at times when I've been unable to cycle owing to health issues, but it's not easy. (I've also found it difficult to get taxis - maybe now that so many people use cars there isn't the custom for them there used to be.) Most of our bus routes run into and out of the city centre, with few options for cross-city travel. There are lots of places without a service - eg St James Rd. I have found buses unreliable, and the bus stop information can be downright misleading (the electronic displays can't distinguish between a bus without a transponder and a bus that's been cancelled, so display the 'due' time regardless!) Many services stop around 7pm, so you can't go out for the evening as there won't be a bus home. Bus signage to help you find the right stop for your bus at the rail station and at the Pound Tree Rd area 'interchange' is poor. Finally, I am really worried about the recent 'pro-motorist' government stance because it can only make life harder for people like me who don't have cars. Anti-cyclist sentiments didn't worry me when I was younger but now I feel quite vulnerable.


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