Virtually no buses in Upper Shirley

Virtually no buses in Upper Shirley

What happened to the bus services which used to connect Bassett and Upper Shirley to the city centre and beyond to Sholing, with Lordshill the destination the other end? There are no usable bus services to replace them.The no. 5 used to run to town every 20 minutes, and to Lordshill the other way. My son would regularly it to Oaklands School, as it then was. I would catch it to the station and it was good for going to London by train, or into town to shop. We used to complain that the last one back was 6.30 pm. Now there is the X11 which goes every hour, does a figure 8 in Shirley, and gets to town 35 minutes later. The last one back is 2.45pm. this is no good to anyone. As an older person, awaiting an operation which means I will not be able to drive for 3 months, I will be completely stuck unless I use taxis at enormous expense. Until the city council gets rid of privately owned bus companies and integrates the service into a public one, anomalies like this will keep occurring and parts of the city will continue to be served very poorly by public transport.


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