Non-car transportation

Non-car transportation

I do not own a car and enjoy walking and taking public transportation where I can. However, this is really difficult in Southampton. The bus system rarely goes where I need to with one bus. BlueStar's takeover of the city's bus system has helped this as many of my desired routes I can do now on one bus company (rather than two). However, the buses are hardly ever on time. For example, a few weeks ago I tried to take the bus from near the Guildhall to St Denys, but none of the scheduled buses showed up for 40 minutes. I could have walked the 2.5 miles in nearly the same amount of time as waiting for the bus. When the bus did eventually come, it was too full for a mom with a pram and four kids to get onboard. The driver required them to wait for the next one. As much as I do enjoy walking, Southampton itself does not make it easy. I avoid walking anywhere after dark if at all possible, even along busy roads as I feel unsafe. I leave work early in winter to walk home in daylight and make up the hours at home. Additionally, I've noticed a marked decrease in my lung health since living in Southampton due to the pollution levels. I do not run outside through our lovely parks anymore as the car, train, bus, cruise ship, container ships, and more exhaust makes it too difficult and I feel like it does my body more harm than good. I really look foward to seeing what the positive change the Climate Assembly can enact to help Southampton become greener, safer, and more enjoyable for all. I am curious about hearing ideas for more pedestrianized walkways (the avenue?), more frequent busses and trains (of the eco friendly variety), and action to help the thriving port contaminate our city less. Thank you for doing this work!


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