Traveler’s Cocktail

Traveler’s Cocktail

Traveling in Southampton is always enjoyable. There’s so much to see while going around that it brings me a sort of peace when I’m making my way to university or other commitments. I usually take the bus as I didn’t have a provisional license until recently to take an e-scooter. The bus is quite reliable, but I tend to be late often so it doesn’t always fit my needs. As I got my provisional license a month ago, I actually used my first Voi yesterday! It was a great experience. It takes some time getting the hang of it at first and having the confidence to use it with ease, but once you overcome the initial apprehension, it’s very easy, enjoyable, and efficient. They have a few of them all of the city so you can easily get to where you need to go at a very low cost. I used to also take a lot of Ubers because I was late, but this is very costly overtime and is also bad for the environment. I’m not sure what the emissions are like for e-scooters, but they’re definitely intuitively less harmful. I also recently went on a bike ride for the first time! I hadn’t noticed that e-bikes have also been placed around the city and they’re also great fun. My friends and I went on a bike ride after a night out to the docks and it was beautiful. The wind blows through your hair and it reminded me personally of when I was younger and used to ride my bike with friends. They were also really cheap and intuitively great for the environment. Oh and they don’t need a license in case anyone doesn’t have one, which is also great! As it stands, I think I will avoid taking Ubers from now on as they are bad for the environment, expensive, and sometimes not as efficient when you’re in a hurry and have no choice; but to look for a quick fix if I’ve missed the miss, like Voi’s or Beryl’s (e-bikes). Overall, I think Southampton City Council has done quite well in this regard and provides its constituents with many environmentally friendly options to get around and explore the beautiful city. :)


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