Think about Each Journey

Think about Each Journey

Reality says we will not give up cars tomorrow Reality says many dislike public transport And even more dislike cyclists But all I ask is that we make a choice about our own journeys, and then should accept that others made their own choice. Yes I cycle as many places as possible, or use it to get on a train. But I also drive my PHEV when required. Yet today we are so polarised that I have been spat at for cycling yet also get abuse for choosing to drive. Be more accepting of choices and know we are in this together, gives cyclists a bit of room, but also adjust traffic lights so they allow smooth flow. Carrots and sticks are all fine but when a stick is used know that people will often throw it and blame others. As for thinking each journey just remember this, 70% of all car journeys are less than 5 miles 50% of all car journeys are less than 2 miles 25% of all car journeys are less than 1 mile So is driving a short distance the best for you


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